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Careers For Your Personality Type

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Although it might seem like common knowledge that your personality and career are obviously linked – that wasn’t the trending belief for a long time in the United States. Due to wars, the Great Depression, and societal pressures, many believed that work was an obligatory endeavor necessary to keep food on the table and contribute to a bright future for offspring. Careers were far from being held as an avenue for individual expression. Read More

Singing as a Profession

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Blush Career Spotlight!

Want to try singing as a profession in the near future? Good. You’re at the right place. Becoming a professional musician/vocalist might be one of the most attractive and coveted careers out there, but it’s also one of the hardest. That’s why we interviewed three successful singer/songwriters to give you the inside scoop on what it’s like to go for it in the musical world. They’re talented, they’re positive, and they’re really hard workers. Sound like lil Blush girls to us! Here’s the spotlight: Read More

Grad School Gal Advice

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Thinking about applying for grad school?


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You’re not alone. Many of our girls are ripe and ready to go for that MBA, PhD, or even a Master’s in Counseling (hollaaaaa!). But, before you set off into studying mayhem, make sure to read (not skim) through these tips and tricks for increasing your chances of grad school bliss.

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A Career in Nursing

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If you’re interested in science and happen to like other human beings, becoming a nurse might be the smartest decision you ever make. Not only is a nursing career constantly in high demand, but it also lends itself to flexible work hours, exciting environments, and rewarding experiences. Sounds good to you? It should. Let’s explore a career in nursing!  Read More

The Advertising Career

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Blush loves Mad Men.

But instead of gushing over Draper’s mysterious charm or Roger’s hilarious quips, we wanted to celebrate the WOMEN. Let’s toast to the Peggys and the Joans of our generation, and give everyone a sneak peak into their daily lives. (Cheers to that.)

To get the inside scoop, Blush got the deets from two great ladies who are killing it in the industry. It’s time to get the advertising career info from girls who are out there doing it! Move over guys, it’s time for the ladies to take over. Read More