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How to Leave a Relationship Without Feeling Guilty

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I give a lot of airtime to breakups on Blush.


Getting dumped is one of the worst feelings you’ll ever experience – and I want to make sure we all feel supported. But…there’s another kind of a breakup that doesn’t get as much airtime, one that can be just as excruciating.

What happens when you are the one to leave, but you feel absolutely terrible about it?  Read More

What to Purge After a Breakup in Order to Move Forward

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The immediate weeks following a breakup are traumatizing.

Side effects include, but are not limited to, uncontrollable sobbing at the drop of a hat, non-phantom limb syndrome (you’re seriously not missing an arm, you just miss them that much), nausea at the sight of anything, aches and pain in places you didn’t even know existed, dry mouth, raw eyes from all of the said crying, lack of motivation, loss of optimism, weight gain or loss, deep, passionate anger, and of course – dry heaving. My fave. (If you haven’t downloaded our free breakup ebook, this is the time to do so). Read More

How to Know When It’s Time to End a Relationship

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end a relationship breakup

It’s a question in life that you never REALLY want to answer:

When is it time to end a relationship?


Things build up. Something feels off. The magic has faded. Or maybe you’re just not happy anymore. Whatever it is that’s causing this burning question to rise to the top – it’s not going away. So you have to figure out if this skepticism is permanent, or just a phase. Tough call. Read More

Being Single is a Choice

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being single


The other day I had an interesting conversation with some friends about free will.

We were sipping rosé in a trendy east side wine bar and enjoying our lazy Sunday. Honestly I’m like 99% sure you can’t gossip about pop culture east of Vermont Avenue, so our only option was to start philosophizing about life and all its mysteries. When in Rome! Read More

When to Break Up With a Friend

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Breaking up sucks.


Sleepless nights, tissues full of tears, and enough takeout food to last us a lifetime. They suck. It takes awhile to get over them, and sometimes we’re convinced we will never be the same again. But we silently pray to ourselves that the miserable feelings will pass, and that everything happening right now is all part of a better life down the road. Read More

DEAR BLUSH: Feeling the Aftermath of a First Breakup

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aftermath of breakup


aftermath of breakup

Dear Blush,

I am 25 years old and I am feeling the aftermath of my first break up. It’s only been a few hours but I feel like dying. I’ve recently moved out on my own and couldn’t stay here alone so we practically lived together. He even bought me a puppy to help me feel safe and not lonely. He took away the puppy and I’m here all alone. I can’t do anything – I can’t eat, I can’t watch TV. I already sent him a long text saying I couldn’t live without him. He hasn’t responded. What do I do? I feel utterly empty and lost. Read More