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How to Handle Conflict as a Highly Sensitive Person

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Handling conflict as a Highly Sensitive Person, or an HSP, is no joke.

For starters, conflict isn’t fun for anyone. I don’t think anyone out there just LOVES getting into it with somebody else. Most of us would prefer to get along and live in a harmonious state filled with patience, gratitude, and lots of laughter. And conflict delivers us just the opposite. Read More

Advice on How to Console an Upset Significant Other

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console significant other


It’s inevitable: if you are in a relationship, at some point, you are going to need to console your upset significant other.

It’s just a fact of life. People – yes, even boys – have emotions. We get our feelings hurt. We have bad days. We have mood swings. And most of the time, we like to share these feelings with others in order to lift our cranky spirits.

So it totally sucks when your partner is epically terrible at cheering you up. I mean, come on, it shouldn’t be that hard to get a smile out of me, right? Read More