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Five Steps For Dealing With Failure

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Dealing with failure is one of life’s lovely inevitabilities.

No matter what you do, at some point in time you will have to face the humiliating nature of metaphorically falling flat on your face. Ain’t life grand?

Some of us have become so terrified of failure that we actually let it dictate our lives. We don’t try new things. We procrastinate hoping the opportunity will expire. We stay stagnant to avoid any risk. Read More

Five Struggles of Adulting

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Can we please talk about the struggles of adulting.


Otherwise known as, the place where responsibilities are endless and the struggle is most definitely real. Ughhh how did we even end up here?! It seems like just yesterday we were graduating college and smiling from ear to ear over the fact that we FINALLY¬†had money and freedom! Our eyes were set on our bright future and our hearts were thankful we made it through the “toughest time of our life” (lol). Plus, we could celebrate the culmination of our academic career with parties and pizza and champagne! Read More

How To Know if You’re Having a Quarter Life Crisis

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are you having a quarter life crisis


Adulting is hard. So is having a quarter life crisis.

We all know this. We graduate from college, our formula for success ends, and we have to scramble to figure it out for ourselves. Within a few weeks we’re expected to know how to cook, pay bills, get up early every morning, hold ourselves accountable, exercise, hold down a job, save money, and maintain healthy social relations. Read More