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Conquering Your Quarter Life Crisis:
How to Get Your Shit Together in Your 20s

Kali Rogers of Blush Online Life Coaching presents the no-nonsense approach to getting over your quarter life crisis and entering into adulthood like a boss. Learn about the symptoms of the quarter life crisis and how to combat them as well as tackling your career distress, relationship troubles, breakup woes, friendship struggles, and owning your singlehood while everyone else is getting engaged. This book won't let you waste one more second feeling sorry for yourself. It's time to stop feeling stuck and take action.

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Fast Company

“Life is mean. Let’s talk behind its back.” When Kali Rogers landed on the catchy slogan for Blush, the online life coaching startup she launched this month to help teenage girls and young women handle everyday struggles, she was speaking from experience. “I was just this typical everyday girl who had something awful happen,”

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The Huffington Post

Read various blogs syndicated by the Huffington Post including the sensational viral article, An Open Letter From Introverts and 9 Things Successful Couples Do Differently. Popular topics on Huffington Post by Blush include personality, feminism, dating and relationships, breakups, being confidently single, and the quarter life crisis.

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Book Review

Kali Rogers, founder of Blush, is the life coach you always wanted but never knew you needed. Her new book, Conquering Your Quarter-Life Crisis, is here – and it’s so relatable that you won’t be able to put it down. Kali will break down your quarter-life crisis in a way that will make it feel like every word was written specifically for you.

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The Real Female Entrepreneur Podcast

In this episode, I sit down with Kali Rogers, founder of Blush Online Life Coaching, to talk about one of the biggest struggles as a female entrepreneur - learning to enjoy the journey while working towards big goals. It's so easy to get caught up in where you want to be that you forget to enjoy where you already are.

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There’s a reason that 92 percent of us conveniently forget about our New Year’s resolutions a few months into the year — if you don’t have a road map for where you want to go, it’s going to be hard to get there. At the start of a new year, most people have a few common problems that they hope to tweak: lose five pounds,

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MTV News

Admitting you need professional help when you're going through a rough time is hard. It can be even harder when your insurance doesn't cover it, the psychologists in your area just aren't a good fit for you or you're just way too busy to get yourself to a therapist's office for an hour. That's what happened to me.

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Mavenly + Co Podcast

When you’re chatting with Blush founder Kali Rogers, you can’t tell if you’re having a session with a life coach or a chatting with a friend you’ve known for years. We sat down with Kali to discuss how women can prepare themselves for the challenges of post-graduate life and what we should be doing to take control of a quarter life crisis.

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Six Figure Writing Secrets Podcast

Blush’s mission is to provide affordable, convenient and professional online life coaching for any girl, anywhere. The company is dedicated to encouraging, motivating and challenging girls from all over the globe. On this episode of the podcast, Kali destroys the stigma associated with counseling (strong, successful people benefit from coaching),

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Thought Catalog

I came home at the end of December from being abroad for seven months after graduation. I thought I could come home and adjust, I mean I was an adult now, right? I graduated college, I had a job, I just spent seven months traveling and now I’m back in my childhood bedroom. Things should be fine… except they weren’t.

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While it’s not uncommon to find individual therapists offering sessions by Skype and video-conferencing technology, this new wave of companies seeks to widen the net – not only by offering easier access to care, but also through cheaper alternatives to traditional therapy designed for people without severe diagnoses.

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Seventeen Magazine

"When a couple breaks up because of external factors, or things they couldn't control themselves, it's easier to get back together when these circumstances have changed," says Kali Rogers, a life coach at Blush Online Life Coaching. If you've conquered whatever road block you two were facing before...

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When it comes to you and your significant other's relationship, determining what's healthy, and if your relationship is successful or not, can be a little tricky. Everyone has their quirks, tiny (and a little annoying) habits; but what truly matters is at the end of each day, you're both able to look past those "faults"...

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Soul and Sparks Podcast

Listen to the Soul and Sparks podcast hosted by life coach and entrepreneur Kristin Lohr! In this episode we dive into: owning your own business, Myers-Briggs, coaching certification, education, and talent, allowing your brand to evolve, and the crazy story of how Kali met her fiancé.

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Bustle Feature Expert

It is a markedly different experience to date someone who is kind, compassionate, loving, and present if you're used to dating jerks, or at least people who don't cherish you. And you learn so many valuable things when you finally start dating someone who treats you right...

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