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Online Teen Life Coaching

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Online teen life coaching

teen life coaching


Teens know the stress that high school can bring: grades, relationships, peer pressure, friends, bullying, planning for college and not to mention the extracurricular activities that impact their daily life as well. Although all parents were once young, sometimes it’s difficult to understand the new pressures teens face. Plus, it’s not like kids come with a handy instruction manual with all the answers; that would be too easy. It’s OK to ask for some help. For this reason, teens and parents have started turning towards online teen life-coaching, as a healthy outlet for their teen to get some advice about their personal lives and help them attain goals, without any judgment or embarrassment. Some even put their teenage sons and daughters in a career counselling programme to find which career choices would be apt for them. Read this article on how to handle stalls in your career or to those of your children.

Life Coaching & Counseling: What’s the Difference?

Life coaching is not like counseling or therapy where the patient is addressing a serious mental health issue. Life coaching is about expression, fulfillment and a positive outlook. Even though your child isn’t suffering from a mental health issue, it doesn’t mean that some guidance and advice wouldn’t help them. It’s been reported that 75% of girls with low self-esteem engage in negative activities when feeling bad about themselves, such as cutting, bullying, smoking, drinking or developing an eating disorder ( In addition, the other 25% of girls, with high self-esteem, still report engaging in some of these negative activities when feeling bad about themselves. These negative behaviors could potentially lead to mental health issues and other problems in the future, like depression, anxiety, bulimia, etc. Everyone has their down days and we all know life isn’t perfect, so we shouldn’t be expected to act perfectly. Life coaching is a great way to conquer those fears, pressures and negative thinking before it becomes a serious issue, especially for teen girls who often develop severe body image issues due to peer pressure and low self-esteem. Prevention is key.

What to Expect from Life Coaching

The best aspect of life coaching is that it’s all about you. And now with online life coaching, it’s all on your time, when it’s most convenient to you. Life coaches usually have backgrounds in counseling, psychology or another related field, but don’t concentrate on treating psychological illnesses. A life coach works with you on what you would like to overcome or accomplish. Life coaches can also help develop life goals and a plan on how to achieve them with you. For teen life coaching, career advice and academic pressure are also topics greatly covered. You discuss the stressful situations you encounter and gain helpful advice from someone who knows you and understands where you want to go. Life coaches also serve as an ultimate guide, someone you can trust and confide in.

Blush is an online life coaching service, where teen girls can connect with a coach via video chat or online journaling to gain valuable life lessons and insights from the comfort of their own home. The life coaches at Blush all have Master’s degrees in counseling and are all young, positive female role models teen girls can look up to and learn from. The Blush coaches also provide a youthful perspective and have enough professional and personal experience to give mindful advice. Topics covered during a typical life coaching session at Blush include: friends & frenemies, stress management, relationships & dating, academic pressure, family conflict, body image, goal setting, work-life balance and more.

Interested in online teen lifecoaching? Join Blush to connect to a Blush coach today!


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