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Online Life Coaching: A Letter from Blush

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I’ve received many questions over the past year as to how on Earth I decided to create this online life coaching company. To be honest, I’m not even sure I know the exact answer! There are so many reasons as to why I wanted to start Blush, but the best answer I have is one that I’ve never shaken out of my head. And I wanted to share it with you here.

A while ago a great friend of mine who was struggling with guy problems (who isn’t?) softly and hesitantly whispered to me that she was seeking the help of a life coach. At the time, I was a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, fresh out of my graduate program and loving the work I was doing. Immediately after she disclosed this secret, she quickly looked around and made sure nobody was in a five-mile radius. Even though I hated it, I knew why she was doing it. She didn’t want people to think she couldn’t handle her problems on her own.

It absolutely broke my heart that she felt like less of a person due to her decision to seek the partnership with a life coach. Girls go to the gym every day to better their body. They go to the salon to better their hair. They go to school to better their mind. And they go to the doctor to better their health. Coaching is for the betterment of the soul.

Of course, I didn’t need to be convinced of this. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of coaching and counseling alike. I love the process of spilling your heart out to a trained, objective, and separate third party. I love the beginning when you’re worried your coach is going to think you’re completely crazy because….yes…you really did text him 25 times when you promised yourself never, ever again. I love the middle when you start recognizing your great intentions are somehow paired with really unhealthy habits. I even love the closing of coaching, the part where you finally recognize what you must accept, what you absolutely embrace, and what will always be challenging. The entire development is liberating, exciting, and expressive.

I want this silly stigma to go away. It shouldn’t be embarrassing to go to a life coach for an emotional check up, just like it’s not embarrassing to go to the doctor to get a physical check up. Girls who go to a life coach are smart, responsible, and progressive. They understand the delicate process of working through their normal but difficult problems. They understand they are bettering themselves. And they belong on Blush.

Of course, we value everyone’s privacy, and life coaching is not a public endeavor. Our online model creates a more private and intimate medium. How? You don’t have to worry about being in public. If you want to talk about seeing a life coach, do so. If you don’t, no one will ever know. Our mission is to make you feel better, and the rest is up to you.

The simple world “blush” means two separate things—a compact of a pink powder that brightens the face, and a glowing reaction to an emotion of embarrassment or excitement. I love words with double meanings. Not only is it easy to use them in puns (which I also love) but they inherently place more value and depth in simple words.

Blush, our company, also has two meanings. We want girls to have easy access to a great website that offers affordable and convenient professional life coaching. Secondly, we are determined to eliminate the stigma of coaching by creating a sassy, humorous, and comfortable environment for girls to better themselves.

I hope this sheds a little bit of light on Blush’s mission, our purpose, and our statement. We’re here for the girls.

Welcome to Blush!


Kali Rogers

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Kali Rogers is the Founder, Janitor, and CEO of Blush. You can stalk her on Instagram or ask her whatever you want via email. She loves the attention.

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