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How to Make a Good First Impression

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Here it is: how to make a good first impression.

To all you guys who voraciously read Dating 101, or perhaps just skimmed it out of politeness, we have decided to follow up to make sure you are REALLY understanding how to appropriately meet new girls. How to make a good first impression isn’t an easy task, but it’s essential to getting ANYWHERE.

Now, just so you know, we aren’t telling you these secrets so that you can go treat girls like poo poo, we’re doing it so that our girls can get the respect they deserve. Most of you are really good guys, and we want you to be the ones with the inside knowledge—not those jerk face homeboys.

So, here is everything you nice boys need to know about how to make a good first impression and in doing so, meet your future girlfriend. Again – making a good impression is EVERYTHING. And, like we said previously, you flirting-for-a-sport boys can go away now. Seriously. Shoo.

Spoiler Alert: All we’re asking is for you to get the hell out of your head and relax.
….We’ll break it down for you anyway.

1. Smile

“Dang. There’s lots of talent in this joint”

Code for: HOTTAYYYYS and brb must hit on humans.
Yes, we know what that means, so stop saying weird things like that.

Anywho, when you see a nice girl and you really want to talk to her, the absolute FIRST thing you must do is SMILE.


So often guys immediately get stuck thinking about how they will approach, what they’re going to talk about, what persona they are going to try out tonight and….no. Just no. Stop n’ smile. If not, you look like you’re in deep concentration, really into yourself, possibly boring…and you kind of look constipated.

And no one wants to be hit on by the constipated guy.


Ok. So you come over, say hi, ask her what her name is, and that’s it. After that, you are 100% in your head trying to think about what you’ll say next. Whoops. So quit doing that, because dats bad. The only thing girls REALLY want from you during the first few seconds of a conversation….is to LISTEN.

If you are constantly trying to be one step ahead, then you don’t react. And no reaction means no connection. There’s no back and forth, no banter, no nothin’. Which, by the way, also means you totally missed out on an amazing zinger about her alma mater. You blew it, man.

Trash what you think you should say and just roll with the punches. Laugh when she makes a joke. Answer the question she actually asked. If you’re stuck in your head, we can pretty much guarantee you aren’t listening and she will make an excuse to leave the conversation (or lack of. Ouch.)

3. Don’t Rule Yourself Out

There’s a lull of silence on the conversation. Oh no. OOOHHH NOOOO. PANICKY FEELINGS. It’s time to bail–she’s obviously not into this.

Wait, no. She’s just extroverted and likes people watching. Wait, her friend just walked in. Actually, she didn’t hear your question because it’s so dang loud in this stupid place.

That’s seriously what could have happened. Don’t rule yourself out yet, dude. Too many guys just decide on their own they aren’t good enough, and THAT is the only thing that makes them not good enough! It’s not her lack of an attention span that means you aren’t worth it–it’s your attitude. So straighten up, believe in yourself, and continue the conversation. Go you!

4. Ditch the Expectations

Be flexible. Ditch the pressure. Breathe, dude.

Most of the time, what ruins the fun is the picture in our head of how the night was supposed to go. So let’s ignore the phantom evening and pay attention to the actual evening. Don’t worry about it–it’s ok when your first impression isn’t the greatest. It’s ok if you get rejected now and then (and when you do, meet Blue Bell. She’s a doll). If you go into the night with no expectations, you’ll probably meet someone pretty phenomenal simply because you’re being open. Plus, you won’t be putting all of this pressure on yourself! YES. Now, who’s gonna go get the girl by just being his handsome self?



5. Let Them Play

Little digs, sassy insults, bite size hitting…all of that is good. Lighten up and let the girl play! Don’t take her jabs or love pushes seriously–it’s all fun and games. She’s FLIRTING. If she digs a little too deep, speak up. But people who take themselves too seriously aren’t fun to have conversations with. Therefore, join in on the inside joke! It’s fun! And y’all are like, soooo super cute right now. Enjoy it.

6. Boo Intimidation Away!

Do. Not. Be. Intimidated. By. Other. Guys. Period. Dot. The. End.

You don’t know if that dude is her brother, her cousin, her girlfriend’s boyfriend, her uncle, that ANNOYING as hayle guy who won’t stop hitting on her, or an actual real life friend. You know nothing {Jon Snow}. And you are assuming.

When your girl is surrounded by other humans, just relax. Introduce yourself, join the conversation, and let male presence be all the more reason to be POLITE. Then, she can tell you whether or not she’s interested and if that dude really is her boyfriend. Don’t use other bros as excuses because you’re nervous, and never let other guys dictate your dating life.

Bottom line: respect her enough to let her tell you whether or not she’s into it.

7. Be Mindful of Timing & Cues

The reason past interactions have been uncomfortable, is because you have created an uncomfortable situation. You didn’t listen to her when she said she was talking to her girlfriend (code: go away). You didn’t listen when she said her drink was emtpy and she was going to get a refill (code: you’re cute). Whoops. And we’re pretty sure you asked her to dance when the song was ending. Cringe.

Be in tune with social cues and timing, and things won’t be as freakin’ awkward.

8. Just Ask

Girls don’t get asked out very often. Period. The hot ones, the cute ones, the sweet ones, the funny ones…they just do not get asked out. Why? Because guys are big fat chickens and don’t ask. They want to, because girls are exceptionally awesome, but alas, they don’t.

So, if you want the phone number, ASK. If you want to take her out on a date, ASK. If you want her to come with you to your sister’s birthday party, that’s a little weird, but just ASK.

Girls are not used to men acting like gentlemen, so take the opportunity and show her how it’s done.

Think you could use a bit more help in the dating department? No shame there. Becoming a pro in dating is not easy–we of all people understand that. Which is why Blush reserves a few spots for male relationship coaching because we are so friggin AWESOME. We’re fun, coaching is the shiz, and we will get you in tip top shape for the dating world. Trust us.

PS– you can sign up here!

See ya on the flip side. Blush y’all. (girls AND boyz)

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