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How to Handle Holiday Stress

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holiday stress


.Knowing how to handle holiday stress is almost impossible.

And it’s really no surprise why. We hang out with people we haven’t seen in quite some time, we are spending more money than normal, and we are constantly reminded of the ideal relationship status for girls our age. Sure, we also get sweet treats, new mittens and eggnog, but something about the holidays tends to bring out the stress in us.

SOOOOOOOO Blush has the tips on how to handle holiday stress so you can stay relaxed, calm, and happy during this turbulent season.


1. Don’t spend beyond your means

We know it’s so tempting to grab the most elaborate gifts for your cousins, friends, and parents…but try to hold back. Spending our entire paycheck, or even worse, getting into debt is NOT worth it. Gifts are meant to show love, affection, and thoughtfulness — not how much money we can squeeze out of our piggy bank. Plus, your family and friends would feel awful if they knew how much you drained your bank account just for their momentary satisfaction. So give yourself a break, and opt for the tasteful, yet practical gift this year. Your budget will thank you profusely come January.


2. Keep up your routine

It’s so easy to let your healthy eating, fitness regimen, and other healthy habits slide. We see mom’s homemade sweet potatoes and we just can’t help ourselves! Game over – diet done. But instead of going all or nothing, try to strike a balance between cheating and maintaining. You are totally allowed to go off the deep end from time to time and enjoy hanging on the couch watching Christmas movies will stuffing your face with caramel popcorn. It happens. But remember – you started those healthy habits for a reason, and they clearly have some effect on you. Food affects our moods all the time, and with the added stress of close corners and extended family time, the last thing we want is to be in an irritable mood because of the food we’re eating. Same goes for exercise. So try to incorporate as much as your typical routine into your holiday season as possible so you can enjoy the rest.



3. Have the canned responses ready

Holidays are notorious for awkward conversation. They basically go hand in hand with rude commentary or uncomfortable questioning from the peanut gallery. And honestly, there’s really nothing we can do about it. Grandma is always going to want know when you are getting a boyfriend, even though you’ve been furiously trying to date every guy on Bumble since June. Your uncle is going to ask when that promotion is coming, and how you can possibly live off 40k a year in Chicago. And your sister will probably one up you just a little bit about how much she LOOOOOOVES her boss and is so grateful that she can now afford couture.

So just get ready, because it’s coming.

Have your canned responses ready to go, just waiting in the wings to save you from the paralysis of shock. Let your grandma know that you’d rather be single and happy than in a relationship and miserable. Let your uncle know that you are actually really good with money, he should take some notes. And tell your sister congratulations – most people don’t have that luxury. When you have these prepped responses ready to go, you don’t feel the need to take the bait, stir the pot, or engage. You just feel ready. And the inquiries start to seem a little less bothersome.



4. Take some alone time

When we are constantly around friends and family 24/7, there is going to be a time where you’ll break. You’ll get a screaming match with mom, a lovers spat with a boyfriend, or you’ll even get mad at your sweet dog who didn’t mean to knock your wine off the table with his crazy tail.

Yeesh. It’s time to take a break.

So make sure that once a day you are actively taking a little bit of time alone. Go on a walk. Hang out in your room for a bit. Read a book. Do something just to give yourself some space. Even extroverts this time of a year are going to need some solitude to keep their nerves from going haywire.



5. Remember, it’s the holidays for everyone else, too.

It’s not just you feeling the heat. Most of your family members are also over-stressed, over-stimulated, and overly sensitive this time of year. So it’s best to remember to give them a break. If you automatically give everyone you are around some sort of slack, things won’t seem nearly as stressful as they did the previous years.

This is the time of year where family and friends feel the need to reflect back on their lives and others’ lives and see what they accomplished or didn’t accomplish these past twelve months. It can be really exciting, yes, but it can also be disappointing. And nobody likes to feel that way. So simply remember that when you feel poked and prodded at, they have probably felt like that, too.

6. Try to enjoy yourself

Yes, the holidays is about spending time with others, showering each other with gifts, and doing acts of service for strangers. But it’s also time to wind down and be thankful for every great thing that’s happened in the past year. And we want to make sure you soak that up.

This year, try to do a few nice things for yourself during the holidays. Be a little selfish here and there. If you are reading this blog, chances are you are somebody who likes to do everything for everyone else, and that’s admirable. But make sure you don’t burn yourself out by bending over backwards to cook the most stunning dinner, wrap the most beautiful and elegant gifts, decorate your house like a damn professional. Try to relax a little bit and make sure that you get to kick back and reflect on how far you’ve come. You really do deserve it.



Remember, your life coach is here for you during the holidays, so bring Blush with you over the next few weeks! As long as you have a connection to the Internet, you can access your coach. So write a journal or grab a quick 30 minute session in to unload your stress and feel better. 


Blush you!


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