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Dating advice…for guys!


Ok guys. Let’s just state the obvious first. Yes, Blush is a website for girls. We coach, talk, listen, and write to our girls every day. So why on Earth are we blogging to you boyz? Because after working with so many girls, we…….well…….um…….


How do we put this lightly?

Ok, here it is. We realized that you boys don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to this whole dating thing. Sorry.

No worries, though. It’s not like you have a bunch of girls telling you exactly what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do. We know a lot of you have to navigate this alone, or even worse, with your friends giving you all of the wrong suggestions. All of the wrong. So, from here on out, Blush is your friend. We even take a limited amount of male memberships for relationship coaching. (We’re dead serious!) Why not? It’s not like anyone knows–it’s online.

Anyway, to help out, we’ve got 5 mega important tips to live by in the dating world (hence the Dating Advice 101 title). Read, grow, and get the girls.

Ok, here we go.


1. Stop Texting and Pick Up The Dang Phone

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of texting. Huge. Like, if texting were a GoT character, George RR Martin wouldn’t even need to finish the series due to the war being won by the sheer bossness of Sir Texting, Lord of the Ballers.

However, aside from my freakish love over messaging…if you like a girl, you have got to call her to ask her out for dates. You text your friends, you text your coworkers, and you text those girls that you don’t take seriously (yes, we know that). So if you like a girl, CALL HER. Even me, a nerdy texting weirdo, prefers to be called for dates when I’m actually asked out. {See my lame GoT joke above} It’s shows an effort, an interest, and manners. Bingo.

As always, there are a few exceptions. It’s kind of cute when you text during your break at work. It’s kind of cute if you text during your other plans you couldn’t break. Just make sure texting does not constitute the important conversations. Plus, once you become official, you’ll be hanging out so much that calling will seem silly. Then you can talk about fun things. Like clothes.

2. Only 2 People Constitute a Date

I don’t even know why it’s called a “group date” because that term is a freaking oxymoron. Dates are for two people, and two people only.  They involve a planned activity, some flirting, and maybe a kiss or so if you’re lucky. They do not involve your bros drilling your date with questions about her hometown or her relationship status. Dat’s lame.

When the relationship can’t even be called a relationship yet because no DTR is even on the brink of being announced, group dates cannot count as real dates. We know you have work events or social clubs that necessitate plus one’s, and that’s ok. Bring her. But make sure you are also courting her separately. Don’t let two guys named Ernest and Young schedule your dating life–take charge and start planning your own dates dudes.

3. Become Fluent in Emojis

Step 1: Download the FREE Emojis App
Step 2: Use Them

You’re done!

**If you don’t understand what these emoji’s mean, meet Google. If get a text with emoji usage and still have no idea what it means, join Blush now. Like, now. Seriously. Use this for reference:

4. Ask in Advance

Even if she is the most laid back girl in the world, she has Type-A friends who will totally snatch up your Saturday night slot. And if SHE likes to plan ahead, you’re really screwed. Don’t wait until Thursday to ask a girl out for the weekend–your deadline is Wednesday at the latest. We promise, it’ s not desperate–it’s respectful. Mondays and Tuesdays are great days to ask for weekend night dates, because it gives both of you something to look forward to throughout the week! Cue less awkward conversations. You both know that there is a mutual interest…score.

Blush Tip: When you CALL to ask her out, CONFIRM a time. Let’s say you call for Friday night, and she’s busy. NBD. But don’t hang up without something else on the books. It’s just good business. A-B-C.

5. Plan It

There is nothing worse than jumping in a car on the first date and being welcomed by the question, “So…where do you want to go?”

Brb. Pulling out my hair.

Believe us, we are SO appreciative that you not only asked us out, but that you actually want to spend time listening to all the crazy things that come out of our mouths!! Seriously amazing. However, we just assumed you had the destination covered. You asked us out, right? So we kind of didn’t think about where we would go. Plus now we’re nervous about what budget range we should pick. Ugh, and now our anxiety levels just peaked. Great.

Girls hate this. Hate it. Planning the date shows appreciation and initiative, and it’s also makes us feel way less guilty whenever the check comes. Just do us a solid and plan the date, or else…you just seem weird.


Ok boyz. Hope this helps. If you’re still confused…we’re only a click away.

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