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Welcome to the Blush Online Life Coaching team! We all have our masters in counseling, a passion for working with women of all ages, and a knack for getting to the root of what’s bothering you.

But better yet, we all get it. We’re in our late 20’s and early 30’s - so we are in the trenches with you. We get how social media has changed our relationships. We’ve felt the pressure that comes from working as a female in a corporate setting. We’ve experienced the dating scene and how painful breakups can be.

You won’t ever feel judged. You won’t ever feel misunderstood. And you won’t ever feel alone. We’ve got your back from here onward.

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Joanna - Montana

INFP. Holistic vibes. Lazy chef. Multitasking expert. Wannabe yogi. Almond butter addict. Self-care queen.

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Pricilla - New York, NY

ESFJ. Curly hair ambassador. Interior design addict. Traveler. Carry on packing queen. Educator.

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Becca - Houston, TX

INFP. Triathlete Queen. All drinks bubbly. Snuggles and cuddles. Wifey to be. Grey's Anatomy junkie. Dog mama.

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Elise - Dallas, TX

ENFJ. Pisces. Lyme Disease Warrior. Be Bloomed Blogger. Holistic Health Guru. French Bull Dog Lover. Lumineers Groupie.

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Monroe - Asheville, NC

INFJ. Avid traveler. Scrabble queen. Spanish speaker. Old movie aficionado. Tree hugger. Holistic health queen.

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Brittaney - Miami, FL

INFJ. Peaceful libra. Natural hair enthusiast. Recovering perfectionist. Gets her grub ON. Water baby. Keep calm & pray on.

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Yvette - Houston, TX

INFP. Running is fun. Devout yogi. World traveler. Beyonce enthusiast. Strong feminist. Mindfulness living.

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Charlotte - Dallas, TX

ISFJ. Cat lady. Team Taylor. Foodie galore. Half Brit. Arts and Crafts. Bubbles and brunch. Master of friends.

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Once you sign up for Blush, you will be prompted to fill out a profile so we can get to know you. From there, our founder Kali will read your profile and match you with a coach based off your personality, goals, and availability. If you have a specific coach in mind, you can “pref” her in your profile assessment and Kali will take that into consideration!

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