Name: Yvette LeBlanc . Home State: Texas . College: Austin College . Major: Psychology . Graduate School: University of North Texas . Degree: M. S. in Counseling MBTI:INFP

Hi! I’m Yvette! I was born in Houston and raised just outside of H-town in Spring, Texas – Queen Bey’s hometown! I grew up in a big family with lots of pets, and I like to think my middle-child experience was the perfect prep for being a counselor and coach. I struggled with self-esteem, my own inner critic, and learning how to always play nice with others (I love my mom and my sister but sometimes it was tough!). While my childhood wasn’t perfect, I am so grateful for it, and I definitely learned a lot.

In college I joined a sorority, and their motto is “So much to do, so much to be.”  It could not have fit me better. After I finished undergrad I was unsure of what the what I was supposed to do as an adult! I felt so in-between. I tried A LOT of things. I worked as an ESL teacher abroad in Mexico, worked for an ecumenical christian community in Scotland (all religions welcome here), volunteered at a low-cost medical clinic, worked as an executive assistant, and taught yoga, just to name a few. I discovered that while there was a lot I didn’t know about life and myself, my love for people, variety, helping others was as strong as ever. When I feel connected to the meaning behind what I am doing with my life, happiness abounds. That’s still true for me today.

After my own therapy, (it’s the best!) and with my counselor’s encouragement, I decided counseling was a good fit for my career. I graduated from the University of North Texas with my Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2015, and directly after moved to France to pursue a lifelong dream of living and working in France and gaining some french language skills. I moved back to the USA in the fall of 2016, and currently work as a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern (LPC Intern) specializing in utilizing expressive arts, play therapy, and yoga/mindfulness with my clients.

I believe challenges and the toughest times in life are instances for us to grow deeper and understand and accept ourselves. My style is encouraging, positive, strengths-based, empathetic, and accepting. Life is so much better when have gal friend to support you: to celebrate the joys, to motivate positive changes, and to help you get encouraged, get grounded, and have perspective when you’re going through the tough stuff. I got you, girl!

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