Name Pricilla Martinez . Home State New York .  College Herbert A Lehman College .  Major English .  Graduate School Mercy College .  Degree M.S. School Counseling . MBTI . ESFJ

Hi everyone! Welcome to Blush! My name is Pricilla, I am from New York City, and I’m so excited to get started. Here’s a little more about me…

As an only child with busy parents, I learned early on how to be very independent. It wasn’t easy, but it did teach me so many lessons. But it definitely turned me into the person I am today.

For example, three months after my 17th birthday, I moved out on my own. I worked two jobs while finishing high school, graduated on-time, got a full-time job with the Department of Education, completed my undergrad (took me six years!), completed a master’s in counseling, then a master’s in school building administration, all while moving up the “latter.” By the time I was 29-years-old, I had completed three degrees, went through six job titles (student aide to assistant principal), and somehow managed to find time to get married and divorced.

I. Was. Exhausted.

But I say all of this so I can tell you – you are absolutely not wrong for seeking help.

In the middle of preparing for the life we wish to lead, we often forget to take care of ourselves. We run on empty and put off things that help make us whole. You might be moving so fast right now, but it feels like you’re going nowhere. And, perhaps, maybe you aren’t making any movement at all because you don’t know where to start. In the last eight years, I have helped many students, colleagues, and now my staff move forward. Now, my hope is that my experiences, training, and passion will help YOU.

So, here’s what you can expect from me:

  1. Absolutely zero judgement.
  2. This will never be about me.
  3. I am here for you and your goals.
  4. What we don’t know, we will figure out together.
  5. I expect you to give yourself the same loyalty, honesty, and love that you would give your best friend. If you don’t give those things to your best friend, let’s make that part of the conversation.

So, let’s get started! See you soon.