Name Kayla Brooke White .  Home State Washington D.C. .  College University of Virginia .  Major Psychology and Sociology .  Graduate School Marymount Univeresity .  Degree M.S. in Mental Health Counseling . MBTI  ESFJ

Hi chica!

I’m Kayla-Brooke, call me Kayla, Kayla-Brooke, etc. I grew up in the south and currently reside in Washington, D.C. I went to the University of Virginia (Go Hoos) for my undergrad where I studied Psychology and Sociology and continued on to receive my masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

I currently live with my sweet rescue boy, Bexley and my surplus of candles and plants. I enjoy trying new restaurants, cocktails, reading, cooking, and LOVE college sports. I also love spending time with my significant other, Jack. It has taken me a long time to navigate healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and to learn how to manage my own identity while being a partner. In addition to these life challenges that I’ve navigated, I also have had experiences working with relationships with food/body image, social media, navigating through dating in the new, dating-app world, and learning how to set boundaries.

Enough about me!

You’re a BADASS and you *mostly* have your life together, but might have some nagging crap holding you back. You work hard on your life goals, but have also been dealing with anxiety, way too high expectations for yourself, low self-esteem, and some negative self-talk. Maybe you look at social media and immediately feel you’re not doing enough with your life — or maybe your relationship isn’t perfect! Maybe you’ve taken a look inward and realize your self-esteem needs some help. You’ve considered coaching before, but that has always sounded too drastic. (Hint: it’s not!)


It’s clear you work hard to continue improving yourself and your life, so why not give yourself permission for that extra boost with Blush?

I look forward to meeting you!

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