Kali RogersName Kali Rogers . Home State California .  College  The University of Texas at Austin .  Major Psychology .  Graduate School Southern Methodist University .  Degree M.S. in Counseling . MBTI INFP .

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Hey girl hey! So glad you’re snooping through our bios…I wasn’t even sure anyone was going to read these. I like you already.

First of all, my name is pronounced Callie, as in California. Yes, my parents decided to spell my name rather strangely, which made roll call SUPER fun. Normally this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but I moved a few times growing up. I went to elementary school in Texas, middle school in Michigan, and high school in a different city in Texas. I moved again to go to college, and again for graduate school, and again after graduate school. It’s exhausting just writing it. Oh, and did I mention that I just moved again? To CALI? Yes, I literally moved to my namesake state to fulfill my dream of becoming a walking cliche. Kali in Cali. Go team.

Anyway, I’m here to introduce you to a little booger called the Quarter Life Crisis. It’s real. It’s nasty. And it happened to me (and maybe you, too). After one of the most epic breakups of all time (I ugly cried for weeks) and a very hazy idea of what I wanted to do, I felt utterly lost for the better part of two years in my early 20’s. Graduate school was expensive, bartending did not lend itself to a fruitful social life, and living at home didn’t do wonders for my over all optimism. Why did I feel like a child when I was supposed to be an adult?

Turns out, it’s because I didn’t have any direction. Or much confidence, for that matter. And once I figured that out, it was game over. Bye Quarter Life Crisis! Bye Felicia!

Of course, my neglected self esteem didn’t just reinstate itself over night, and it wasn’t just me who did the work. Good friends, good counselors, good professors, and good parents made my journey a lot easier. And that’s what I want to do for you.

Luckily I went to school and such and have experience such as: Masters courses and practicum, counseling at an alternative school for teens, child play therapy, and private family therapy and blah blah blah. I chose CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) as my theory of choice in school, and still incorporate it into my coaching practice daily. My personal style is one that challenges, empathizes, motivates, and encourages. And maybe gets a bit sassy from time to time. I want to make sure you reach your goals while achieving confidence and clarity along the way. Why don’t we ditch what doesn’t work, and start focusing on what does. You’ll feel a lot better, and so will I.

Like I always say…

Life can be mean. Let’s talk behind its back.

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