Name: Francesca Aborn .  Home State: New York .  College: Bates College  Major: Sociology .  Graduate School: NYU .  Degree: M.S. in Social Work  . MBTI  ENFJ

Hey! Thanks for visiting my page. 

A little about me… I am a Licensed Social Worker and got my degree from NYU. I am currently a therapist for families and couples who are affected by the criminal justice system. My educational background has given me an amazing foundation to better understand people’s thoughts and behaviors, especially in relation to their environment and in their relationships. But more importantly, I have learned how to ask certain questions, follow my intuition and open things up for discussion in order to support my clients dig deeper. I have also received coaching training from The Coaches Training Institute, an internationally recognized organization.  Going through the life coaching training has been truly awe inspiring. It is amazing to go through a process, similar to what we will go through, and feel, see and hear the changes life coaching can bring.

Some fun stuff…I love to travel and go on all types of adventures. I have worked in Hawaii, USA; Rome, Italy; and Nairobi, Kenya. I love to do yoga, hike, watch movies/tv shows and challenging myself. I am starting to do bouldering and thinking about starting piano lessons!

Areas of support…I love to support clients who are single and may be looking to date themselves and or others but may be having a hard time doing so. I also love working with people in relationships who are looking to enhance/deepen their relationships or who may be questioning things. I love to support people going through transitions in their life or wanting to make a change. No matter the topic you choose to come to coaching for, I think this process is so powerful because it allows us to get to know ourselves in a deeper way. When we have that understanding, we can move through our life with a bit more intension and purpose that feels truly aligned to who we are which can amazing!   

Now, enough about me, I want to hear about you! You are the expert in your own life. My goal is to listen and adapt to your wants and needs to create a beautiful synergistic relationship. Looking forward to getting to know you.

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