Name Charlotte Slocum .  Home State Arizona .  College Arizona State University .  Major Family & Human Development .  Graduate School Southern Methodist University .  Degree M.S. in Counseling . MBTI  ISFJ (The Philanthropist)

Hey girlfrands! My name is Charlotte, and I wanted to graciously ask you not to judge me for having a cat. His name is Pickles by the way (which are also some of my favorite foods). I’m a total foodie. Like woah.

I grew up in a great town just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. My childhood was pretty typical – friends, vacations, pool days – until my parents decided to get a divorce when I was fifteen. However, out of this change emerged my passion for helping others. I realized I enjoyed listening to my family talk about their thoughts and emotions. It made me feel better to try to help them out, and it actually helped me heal too. In fact, in time, I realized that it was okay that my parents didn’t want to be married to each other anymore because they got remarried to people whom I love and can’t imagine my life without. Bonus!!!

So, fast-forward, and now I am an incredibly expressive, emotional person who uses creativity as my form of release. I love to write, craft and most of all talk about what is happening in my life.

I stayed close to home for college, and earned my Bachelor’s in Family & Human Development from Arizona State University.  After that, I decided to stretch my wings and move to Texas. I took a big step and obtained my Master’s in Counseling from Southern Methodist University. Since moving here, I have made so many great friends, eaten at amazing restaurants, pushed myself to try new things, and of course, gained as much experience as possible. My resume includes working with children of addicts and alcoholics at the Betty Ford Center, adolescents at a hospital, and at-risk high school students. I am currently a Licensed Professional Counselor leading group therapy for adult suffering from anxiety, depression or addiction issues.

If you’re going through a rough patch in your life, all I can say is, “darkness is needed to see the stars.” Oh, and again, talking really helps too.

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