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How to Let Go of Guilt

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It’s time to let go of guilt.


It takes up way too much space and wastes way too much energy – and who really has time for that? Guilt is meant to do one thing: jumpstart an action. Apologize. Communicate. Act. Otherwise it’s pretty useless. So here is a step by step process on how to acknowledge, confront, and let go of guilt. Read More

How to Gain Prosperity

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Let’s be clear: prosperity isn’t just about money.

It’s the beauty of experiencing abundance, and all around awesomeness in any area of your life. A person can be rich in love, relationships, opportunities, vision, money, health, and so on. But who are we kidding? Most people wanna learn about money, and I don’t blame you. So let’s go there, shall we? Read More

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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comparing yourself


So we have a confession to make.

Lots and lots and LOTS of times we have written advice blogs about how to be a freaking fabulous human being…and somewhere on the list is always “don’t compare yourself to others.” Which is like, awesome, if we told you how to do that. Whoops! Kind of annoying. Sorry ’bout dat. But to make up for it, we’ve written you an even more fabulous blog about how to actually follow through! So follow these few steps to learn how to stop comparing yourself to others, and be on your way to focusing on YOU….and ONLY YOU.

Because you’re so dang cute.

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Three Things That Are Holding You Back Right Now

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holding you back


As life coaches, we understand what it’s like to feel like pure bleck.

It’s our job. Ruts are normal—everyone and their dawg goes through them—but Blush believes that there are three contributing factors that are the cause of a lot of these times. They’re mean and rude, and they are holding you back. Let’s tackle all three of these thangs in order to end your poo feelings! Time to get started, girl!


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65 Tips and Tricks for Girls

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tips for girls

I mean, we like, love the bajeezus out of you girls. You know it. We know it. It’s all good. And to show our love, we wanted to share with you the most random, life changing, and fabulous tips & tricks we have discovered over the course of our quirky little lives. Some are serious, some are really really not…but all in all, we hope they make your life way easier, and more fun. These 65 tips and tricks for girls will hopefully be life-changing. Not to be dramatic or anything.

BTW–Shout out to one of our own girlfriends for sharing with us a darling article skipping around the Internet–the obvious inspiration for our own fantastic list.  So go ahead—read that one, and then come back and tell us ours is better.

Just kidding. But we did add 5 tips just for good measure.

Without further ado, our 65 tips and tricks for girls. Enjoy!

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5 Tips to Positive Thinking

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tips positive thinking

It’s easy to get stuck in negative thought.

The daily pressures and stress we face can really weigh a person down. Negative thinking can have a lot of real consequences, however, it’s important that we nip those bad thoughts in the bud.

Negative thinking can drain you of energy and keep you from enjoying this present moment. So much negative thinking can even lead to depression. Positive thinking, in contrast, leads to less stress, stronger immune systems and better health (Huffington Post). Here are the top 5 ways to overcome the cycle of negative thoughts and start the path towards positive thinking. Read More