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3 Awesome Benefits of Life Coaching: Your Best Investment

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At this point, you probably have heard the term life coaching before. In general, you know what a life coach is and how it differs from therapy – but do you know about the benefits of life coaching? What are you supposed to expect when you work with a life coach, and how will you know it’s working? What areas of your life will improve?

Life Coaching is the best investment you can make in yourself to increase your confidence, create strong boundaries, and rekindle that self-love that is so important. Read More

30 Life Lessons Most 30 Somethings (Probably) Know.

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I (somewhat) recently turned 30. By all accounts, my second decade in life was pretty good. I learned a lot (mostly the hard way!) and wanted to write it down to share (and to remind myself) the most important 30 life lessons I learned in my twenties.

I graduated from college, got my heart broken, went to graduate school, had a giant quarter life crisis, founded a business, got people to sign up for said business, struggled tremendously to get more people to sign up for said business, found a bit of a rhythm, discovered my passion for writing, wrote a book, met a cute boy, moved across the country with cute boy, got married to cute boy, got even cuter exotic cats (yes, I am an apparent cat person, yes, I am allergic, yes, they look like little leopards, yes – it’s bizarre), bought our first place, redid the place because it was a pile of junk, and had lots of amazing and shitty experiences along the way. Read More

How to Ask for What You Want (Even if the Answer is No)

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Hello! It’s 2018! And I’ve finally decided to become more assertive!

lol took me long enough.

And for the record, I’m learning to ask for what I want not because I made an actual conscious effort to do so – but because over the past few months I’ve chased after some responsibilities that pretty much made it a requirement. A new career endeavor. Buying a house in Los Angeles (omg I’m broke). Remodeling. Hiring new people. Hence why this blog has sounded eerily similar to crickets. Read More

The Fine Line Between Self-Improvement and Self-Acceptance

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My profession is a bit of a contradiction.


Life coaching is all about self-improvement. Get up early! Be productive! Think positive! Get the job! 

But it’s also all about self-acceptance. You’re beautiful the way you are! They should love you for you! 

Of course, those examples are exceptionally easy. Accept what you cannot control, and improve on what you can. Read More

Eight Things That Happen When You Really Get to Know Yourself

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“I find in general people have very little understanding of who they are; one has to turn a blind eye to so much of oneself in order to get through life.”


-The Crown, Season 1.


I love that quote.

It so beautifully sums up how unique and tough it is to really get to know yourself. Self-discovery is not for the faint of heart, as I’ve found out personally and professionally. Read More

Unique Self-Care Gift Ideas for the Badass Female

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You’ve come to the right place for holiday shopping!


We’ve chosen the most unique self-care gifts ranging from $10 to $150 for your favorite badass female.

Instead of gifting her new socks, a scented candle, or a gift card to her favorite clothing store, why don’t you try something more enlightening this year? Something that involves self-care and badassery (yes, that is a new word). I mean your fave badass is probably taking risks in her career, maintaining healthy friendships, championing for her favorite causes, and consistently trying to become a better person. She deserves one helluva present. And these gifts allow your bestie to broaden her horizons, show off her personality, and most importantly – enjoy herself. She’ll love you no matter what you give her – but don’t you want to slay it this Christmas? (Get it??). Below are our favorite gift choosings in the self-care space ranked from low to high – just the way you like it. Read More