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Five Signs You’re an Old Soul

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I’ve always identified with being an old soul.


While I admire shiny new pennies and all of their enthusiasm for life, there’s something compelling about the deep nature that comes with settling into yourself. Old souls have a deep appreciation for the life they live, but fond respect for the life before. If you totally understand what I’m talking about, then chances are – you’re an old soul. Here are a few more signs that you could fall into this camp! Read More

You’re Not a Loser If You Don’t Have Any Friends.

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There’s an epidemic attacking this generation.

I’m sure of it. And not just because I feel like it’s personally attacking me as well, but because it’s attacking my clients. My gorgeous, high-functioning, creative, intelligent, and successful clients. I mean these are girls who PAY PRECIOUS MONIES to talk to someone about their goals, dreams, and setbacks. These girls have their shit together, ya know? Read More

Learning How to Quit as an Adult

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Growing up, we were told never to quit something we committed to.

Quitting was a sign of laziness. A sign of weakness. And worse, a sign of entitlement. Our parents made sure we followed through on anything we signed up for, regardless if it was absolutely agonizing. So learning how to quit as an adult can be quite the challenge past the age of 17. This habit of following through has served us well – but it’s also created a few inefficient stretches and definitely caused some unnecessary stress in our lives. Instead of leaning on our best judgment to decide how to continue, we default to a previous habit that doesn’t account for extenuating circumstances. Read More

30 Lessons I Learned Before I Turned 30

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I turned 30 this summer.

Yes, a few belated happy birthdays would be lovely to hear, but this really isn’t about THAT (wink). This is about all of the 30 lessons I’ve learned leading up to this 30th birthday.

Because the reality was, I dreaded my 30th birthday.

 I totally expected it to be terrible. That’s what everyone says, right? I feared the worst. But before my 30th birthday arrived, I started talking to people about their experiences turning 30. And what I found was fascinating. Read More

How to Find Your Inner Self

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inner self building


Holy moly….Who in the world am I??? 

It’s a realization all of us have had at some point or another: we don’t really know ourselves. 

But how did this happen? How in the hell did we grace this world for 20+ years and we don’t even know how we feel about political issues or contemporary art or rap music?! Sometimes we can’t even figure out if we like the latest style trends. It’s madness! Seriously! HOW DID WE GET HERE? Read More

How to Achieve Balance (It’s Easier to Swim Than Float)

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This post was originally featured on Quarter-Life Quarterback by Jen Gilbert. She is a client of Blush and details her experience over her life coaching session with Kali and how to achieve balance.

“Well yeah, it’s easier to swim than float.”

That was my response from my sister after I reported to her on my life coaching session. Read More

How to Handle Holiday Stress

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holiday stress


.Knowing how to handle holiday stress is almost impossible.

And it’s really no surprise why. We hang out with people we haven’t seen in quite some time, we are spending more money than normal, and we are constantly reminded of the ideal relationship status for girls our age. Sure, we also get sweet treats, new mittens and eggnog, but something about the holidays tends to bring out the stress in us. Read More

How to Let Go of Guilt

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It’s time to let go of guilt.


It takes up way too much space and wastes way too much energy – and who really has time for that? Guilt is meant to do one thing: jumpstart an action. Apologize. Communicate. Act. Otherwise it’s pretty useless. So here is a step by step process on how to acknowledge, confront, and let go of guilt. Read More