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How to Change Careers in Your 30s

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So, you hate your job. But not just like, hate your job – like how normal people hate their job – you LOATHE it. I’m talking pit in your stomach, shaky hands, hair pulling, hot tears, warm cheeks hate your job. Or maybe you’ve worked so hard to get where you are, but now that you’re there, you realize you hate your dream job. Thinking about a career change at 30 or really any age is scary, scary business. Read More

How to Become a Life Coach

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Let me guess: you’re the person all of your friends come to for advice.

You get texts in the morning, calls in the evening, and pop-ins at work. Everyone wants to know how to handle this or what they should say to that – and you are the master of advice. But at what point should you look into this as an actual career? Read More

Four Tips to Help You Feel Motivated

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Ask yourself, “Is this something that I really want?”

In life, it’s far too easy to find ourselves doing something for the wrong reasons. Perhaps because we feel the need to live up to the expectations of others, or maybe because we’ve developed a case of the “supposed’tas” (i.e., that long laundry list of things everyone is “supposed’ta” do by a certain age, or in a certain order, or in a certain way…).  You get my drift. Whatever the case may be, it’ll be worth it for you to spend some time doing some good old fashioned soul searching, to avoid waking up 50 years from now and realizing someone else has been sailing your ship. Read More

3 Awesome Benefits of Life Coaching: Your Best Investment

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At this point, you probably have heard the term life coaching before. In general, you know what a life coach is and how it differs from therapy – but do you know about the benefits of life coaching? What are you supposed to expect when you work with a life coach, and how will you know it’s working? What areas of your life will improve?

Life Coaching is the best investment you can make in yourself to increase your confidence, create strong boundaries, and rekindle that self-love that is so important. Read More

Life Coach vs Counselor: Which is for Me?

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Life coach vs counselor…who should I be working with? What the heck is the difference anyways??!

It’s easy to get confused between life coaching vs counseling.

But while on the surface they may seem a lot a like, in reality they use very different techniques and processes to get results from clients. We get asked a lot about the difference between a life coach and counselor, so today our goal is to answer that question and provide as much information as possible so your choice can be an easy one! Read More

30 Life Lessons Most 30 Somethings (Probably) Know.

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I (somewhat) recently turned 30. By all accounts, my second decade in life was pretty good. I learned a lot (mostly the hard way!) and wanted to write it down to share (and to remind myself) the most important 30 life lessons I learned in my twenties.

I graduated from college, got my heart broken, went to graduate school, had a giant quarter life crisis, founded a business, got people to sign up for said business, struggled tremendously to get more people to sign up for said business, found a bit of a rhythm, discovered my passion for writing, wrote a book, met a cute boy, moved across the country with cute boy, got married to cute boy, got even cuter exotic cats (yes, I am an apparent cat person, yes, I am allergic, yes, they look like little leopards, yes – it’s bizarre), bought our first place, redid the place because it was a pile of junk, and had lots of amazing and shitty experiences along the way. Read More