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How to Take Advantage of Being Single

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Recently, our very own Coach Britt got engaged. Instead of gushing about her exciting life ahead, she wanted to reflect on how she got here, and share her wisdom with others. This is her account of how she took advantage of being single.

Tips on being single


I loved being single.

As an engaged woman, that probably isn’t something anyone expects to hear from me. I always wanted a real relationship, of course. I knew there was someone out there who I would want to spend most of my free time with. But I didn’t want to spend my whole life waiting. Limbo doesn’t suit me.

I spent about five years being single prior to meeting my fiancé. So trust me, I really do understand the struggle of balancing where I was with where I wanted to be. Read More

Tips on How to Feel Grateful

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feeling grateful


Knowing how to feel grateful is one of the key elements to happiness.


But feeling grateful can be an enlightening, but also challenging process. It’s not easy to acknowledge the things that don’t get done or the prayers that seem to go unanswered. Add to that the myriad of status updates, photo collages, and other news posted on social media by family and friends every day, and anyone can find themselves feeling a bit discouraged with where they are,  or deflated about where they’re headed. Read More

How to Gain Prosperity

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Let’s be clear: prosperity isn’t just about money.

It’s the beauty of experiencing abundance, and all around awesomeness in any area of your life. A person can be rich in love, relationships, opportunities, vision, money, health, and so on. But who are we kidding? Most people wanna learn about money, and I don’t blame you. So let’s go there, shall we? Read More

Four Ways to Fight Clean

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fight clean

Let me start out by stating the obvious: everybody fights. 

He accidentally snaps after a rough and flustered day, you snap back feeling under-appreciated…it happens. Or, it doesn’t, because maybe you’re too afraid “to go there” – and you end up collecting little bits of angry feelings and releasing them all at once later down the road. Yikes. Read More