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5 Tips to Positive Thinking

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It’s easy to get stuck in negative thought.

The daily pressures and stress we face can really weigh a person down. Negative thinking can have a lot of real consequences, however, it’s important that we nip those bad thoughts in the bud.

Negative thinking can drain you of energy and keep you from enjoying this present moment. So much negative thinking can even lead to depression. Positive thinking, in contrast, leads to less stress, stronger immune systems and better health (Huffington Post). Here are the top 5 ways to overcome the cycle of negative thoughts and start the path towards positive thinking.

Tips to Positive Thinking & Breaking Negative Thoughts positive thinking

  1. Give Your Supporters Some Love. Keep positive company around you and limit the number of Negative Nancies and haters in your circle. Minimizing the interactions with other negative thinkers and keeping those friends that are supportive, encouraging around you will enhance your current outlook.
  2. Smile More.  It has been scientifically proven that the act of smiling will make you feel better and alter your current mood. You might feel a little silly, but there’s no harm in a smile. Plus, showing an act of kindness like smiling to a stranger could also lead to positive moment in the other person’s day. So show those teeth, you’re guaranteed to feel better!
  3. Show Gratitude. Remember the best things in your life. Thank the people closest to you for their love and compassion. Stop focusing on what you don’t have and start concentrating on the abundances in your life.
  4. Don’t Play the Victim. Negative thoughts make us feel helpless, but thoughts don’t have to be reality. Take charge of your life by accepting responsibilities. Only you have the ability to change your life. Take on new hobbies or do the activities that you enjoy most and forget about the phrase “I can’t.”
  5. Take Time to Reflect & Meditate. Save some time for yourself, ideally at least 10 minutes every day for reflective thought. If reflective thought doesn’t help, try to focus your mind away from troubling thoughts through meditation. Find clarity in quiet relaxation while calming your mind.  Focusing externally—on your body or the surrounding environment—rather than constantly mulling over recurring issues in your head will break the cycle of negative thinking.

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