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TV Shows You Should Be Watching

By February 9, 2015 One Comment
TV shows

Not sure what to binge watch on your streaming service? We have you covered. Here at Blush…we’re all about strong female roles hitting the smaller screen. Not that we hate on the men…but it’s nice seeing some of us killing it this season! So, to let you know what we’re feeling this year, here are the 10 TV shows that you should be watching – that also happen to have strong female roles.

1. Orange is the New Black (Netflix)

We know, we know. Season 3 doesn’t come out until June. (THE AGONYYYYYYY). But–for those of you who HAVEN’T ventured over to Netflix to unlock 13 episodes of pure magic, please do yourselves a favor. Here’s the quick logline:

Perfectly happy Piper Chapman is living her WASP life in Manhattan sipping lemonade and planning her wedding to her fiance Jason Biggs. That is, until her past comes back to bite her in the butt. Back in her twenties, Piper had a girlfriend named Alex Vause. Yes, girlfriend. Who happened to be a drug pusher for a drug cartel. Yep. So, Pipes carries a suitcase full of money for Alex, and years later, her name is given up and she is sentenced to 15 months of prison. During her time, the show profiles different inmates and their back stories. And these stories will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Just, please watch it. The third season will hit this June (most likely), but seasons 1 & 2 are hanging out on Netflix, just waiting for you!


2. Homeland (Showtime)

Of course we’re obsessed with Homeland. Not only does it shine a light on mental illness via BiPolar disorder, but it also showcases an all star badass in the from of Carrie Mathison. She’s in the Intelligence Department of the CIA, who pretty much runs the damn thing, within a throng of possessive and controlling men (not Saul….we LOVE Saul….).

Her relationships are anything but boring, and her struggle to remain sane in this crazy world will have you cheering for her every step of the way. We also want to note that it is refreshing to see an intelligent, strong and powerful women deal with mental illness in an every day basis. Mental illness may not be pretty, but it’s relevant, and we are so grateful that this show is bringing it to light.

Even if Claire Danes isn’t your favorite, you can’t deny that her acting chops are absolutely necessary for this complex role. Season 4 just wrapped up, but Season 5 will be on its way in no time. Go check it out on Showtime…and forgive the creepy intro. It’s weird.



Gotta love Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  She plays Selena Meyer, the current Vice President of the United States, in this quirky comedy that pokes fun at politics, female double standards, mother-daughter relationships, and more. Although you might not learn a ton about the reality of politics, you will definitely be thoroughly entertained and pleased to see a strong female in office. And, you just might get to see Dreyfus chase the coveted position of President. Or will you?

Just a warning, the language is a little brash, but Louis-Dreyfus’ one liners will seriously make your day a little brighter. All three seasons are waiting for you on HBO–go for it, girl.


4. How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)

Viola!!! Yes!!! She’s back!!! With SHONDA! Dying.

So, How to Get Away with Murder is new this season created by Grey’s Anatomy’s AND Scandal’s Shonda Rhimes. And it’s killing it. Obviously the legal details are a bit fabricated and a teeny unrealistic, but who the hell cares when Viola Davis is the leading lady?! It’s a Who Dunnit meets Legally Blonde with a side of suspense. Love it.

The story line goes like this: Viola Davis plays Annalise Keating, a criminal defense attorney who also teaches criminal law at a fictional law school. She calls her class “How To Get Away with Murder,” and uses real life cases as her learning material. She has a team of five law students to help prep her for cases, and each episode they profile a new case. The plot thickens, however, when Annalise finds herself in the middle of her own legal case involving her own husband. Goodness gracious. You have to watch this. The second half of season 1 is back in action, so go check it out.

5. Revenge (ABC/Netflix)

In this drama borderlining soap opera, Emily Van Camp plays Emily Thorne, a grown girl who is seeking revenge for her family. At age 8, Thorne was taken from her house and put into foster homes due to her father being wrongfully charged with terrorist crimes. After years of loathing her father and believing he was a murderer, she learns the truth through a family friend. From then on her life is dedicated to destroying the lives of the people who framed her father.

Although a bit melodramatic at times, Revenge taps into the strength of women and their ability to fight for their loved ones. Emily is schooled in karate, physical combat, high tech scams, and much more. Season 4 is in full swing on ABC right now, and you can find the earlier seasons on Netflix.

6. The Mindy Project (Fox/Hulu)

Love love love love love. If you don’t love Mindy Kaling, we really don’t know what to say. Her ability to throw out pretty much every feminine stereotype and challenge it, validate it, or make fun of it is beyond entertaining. Nothing is off limits in this hilarious sitcom that explores dating, career ambitions, friendships, sexual politics, body image, and more.

If you’re in the mood for something light, but isn’t mind numbingly stupid, please turn this show on. You won’t regret it! Season 3 is happening right now on Fox, and you can search for earlier episodes on Hulu.

7. Scandal (ABC)

Olivia Pope. Do we need to say more?

If you don’t know much about Scandal, we’ll admit, we just began watching it, too. But let us tell you–it’s addicting. Olivia Pope is a “fixer” running around Washington D.C. trying to eliminate PR disasters and bring justice for her clients. Her and her team of lawyers work to help people who have been wrongly (or strangely) accused, and helps clean up the mess along the way. It’s classic Shonda Rhimes, meaning if you like Grey’s Anatomy or How to Get Away With Murder, you’ll love Mz. Pope. Plus they’re all on Thursday nights! Head on over to ABC to check it out.


8. Game of Thrones (HBO)

It’s violent. It’s sexy. It’s intelligent. It’s suspenseful. It’s freaking brilliant.

Yes, there a lot of male leads in this show, but it’s Khaleesi, Cersei Lannister, and Arya Stark who steal the show. These powerful women vie for their spot on the Throne just as fiercely as their male competitors, yet they seem to get much closer than anyone else. Funny how that works.

Don’t even try to predict how this story line goes–it’s full of twists and turns and….yes….your favorite characters might die. Might. Don’t ask us because we won’t tell you! Just watch out for our home girl Khaleesi–she’s our fave. (Her and Cersei…don’t judge). Season 5 hits this April–and this is one that you cannot just jump into. You must, must, must watch the earlier seasons on HBO Go before you venture into Season 5. K?



In our opinion, GIRLS is simply what a Quarter Life Crisis looks like. Except way more dramatic. Lena Dunham plays Hannah, a 20 something with OCD living in New York with her three friends Marnie, Shoshanna, and Jessa. Each has their own quirks and struggles, and together they create a neurotic ensemble that can’t help but bring up our own insecurities and fears of growing up.

The soundtrack is fabulous, the guys are great (WE ARE OBSESSED WITH ADAM DRIVER), and the quick-witted dialogue is definitely entertaining. And, considering the show’s main ingredient is feminism, we’re on board. Season 3 is only a few episodes in as of right now, so catch the rest on HBO Go and enjoy this season!


10. Sex and the City (HBO/E!)

We’re sure all of you have seen this legend of a series, but if you haven’t, it’s time. Do yourself a favor, and don’t watch Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha on E! or TBS or any other network show–make sure to watch the full cut on HBO. Even though it is definitely R rated (nudity…cussing…inappropriateness…) it’s educational, liberating, and hilarious. The clothes, the cocktails, the conversations….it’s so great. Just, so great.

If you’ve already seen it, maybe you should re-watch it in your older years. 6 seasons…and it’s all worth it. You never know, you just might learn something.




Let us know, what TV show is your favorite?

Kali Rogers

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  • Gram says:

    Enjoyed the blog. And I am admitting something about what we have been watching on Netflix. (Drum roll please—-) 188 episodes of One Tree Hill–I think 9 seasons of it. It’s probably old hat to savvy granddaughter–but it’s been a treat to see all episodes over a period of 6 weeks. To watch the main female characters develop from sophomores in high school to professional women in the working world with all kinds of challenges is a lesson on life itself. Miss you! Can’t wait til Girls Week!!

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