Life Coaching vs Counseling






But…really. What is the difference between life coaching and counseling?

Blush’s team is composed of coaches who have studied counseling and provide life coaching. Confusing, eh? But this means that we are THE girls who truly understand the differences between life coaching and counseling. Our take? The true differences mostly stem from our clients’ needs and expectations, and from our own personalities. At the same time, life coaching shares many similarities with counseling — we incorporate many theories such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Adlerian Theory, and Solution Focused Brief Therapy into our practice. We have taken concrete tools from our counseling background and mixed them with the overall positive outlook of life coaching.

Each Blush coach has the upmost respect for counseling and is also drawn to the positivity and the results that life coaching yields. Here are the main differences between the two services.

Coach and client are equals and collaborate together Relationship Counselor is in charge
Finds inner strengths and eliminate obstacles Goal Fixes a problem
Enhances the client’s life with deeper self-awareness and hope for the future Purpose Resumes to a level of normal daily functioning.
Can be as long or as short as wanted by the client Duration Until the problem at hand is solved
Focuses on the present obstacles and the potential of the future Focus Focuses on past unresolved issues and the subconscious
Anywhere between $79 to $249 per month; or less than $50 per session Cost Insurance typically covers less than six weeks – afterwards prices range from $90-250 per week.
Coach and client discuss to reach a solution Session Counselor listens as client shares
Online from the comfort of your couch Modality In an office on a couch
“You are more than enough – let life coaching show you" Message “You are broken – let counseling heal you.”