Kerry Cragin

Name Kerry Cragin .  Home State Illinois .  College DePauw University .  Major Political Science .  Graduate School DePaul University .  Degree M.ED in Counseling . MBTI  ENFP (The Romantic)

Hi there Blush girls!


So happy you stumbled upon my profile. Let’s get to know each other.

Despite my Midwestern roots, I consider myself a big city girl and am a *huge* traveler. Chicago has been my home forever. At this point I have survived every one of those blistering winters and can still safely say I love it – which is rather phenomenal. I think it’s the fabulous pizza and the lake that keeps me sane.

I went to college at a small liberal arts school in Indiana, the epitome of a red brick campus in the middle of corn fields with huge Greek houses. Yes, I joined a sorority. Yes, I survived living with 85 girls in ONE house. And yes, I traveled abroad A LOT to expand my horizons.

After college my love for adventure and change remained. I was lucky enough to realize right away that a liberal arts degree, while sometimes fruitless, opened doors to whatever career I felt like chasing at the moment. I have been the stereotypical job hopper because in my deepest core I believe you never, ever, ever have to settle. I started in Human Resources because while in college I worked for our admissions office and loved interviewing students. I thought business HR and recruiting would be similar…and it was, to an extent. I quickly learned in my first post-college job that HR was not the best fit – but I was determined to keep trying. I jumped from company to company trying to find something that made me feel passionate and fulfilled. It wasn’t until a series of “fortunate events” that I landed back in school pursuing my counseling degree. I think I always knew that the best way for me to help others was directly, not behind a company’s wall.

I’m a major girl’s girl and definitely feel like my days as a sorority sister and a middle sister helped me connect to girls better. I get the struggle: the comparing we do, the judgments, the expectations, the body image crap, the pressure, the career headaches, the sexism in companies, the guy issues, the overall insecurity…blah. It can be tough. I remember in college I never, ever felt like I was enough. It wasn’t until I had the courage to break up with a long-time boyfriend, had my quarter-life crisis of going back to school, and starting getting to really know and love myself through yoga and my own life coach that I realized that I was enough, just as I was.

It was a major break through, and it’s my mission to empower more girls to recognize their own worth and again, never ever settle for anything. We all have a right to feel fulfilled.

I’m super happy to say that through all the hard work, my life has turned out pretty great. I’m married to a wonderful guy from Michigan who loves to organize my super messy closet. I have my dog, Nellie, that I adopted when I was single in the city and she’s seriously my best friend. She looks like the Target dog (omg so cute). I still have my same best girlfriends from high school and we take awesome trips together. I am the middle of three girls, my two sisters work for Lululemon Athletica and so I get the HOOK UP on yoga clothes which helps my job wardrobe a ton. And, I get to help clients out just like you to build a life they always imagined.  We’ll talk about stress, relaxation, mindfulness, personality, relationships, friendships, and your career until we get it all figured out.

Let’s work together. You’re great and I want you to make sure you know that.