Danielle Ball

Danielle Ball

Name Danielle Ball .  Home State California .  College Pepperdine University .  Major Psychology .  Graduate School Southern Methodist University .  Degree M.S. in Counseling . MBTI  INFJ (The Prophet)


Hi Blush girls! I would love to be your millennial life coach! Even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan and didn’t pick up on the Spell (Riddikulus—Boggarts be gone) we can still get along! Here is a little more about me:

Growing up, I felt this uncontrollable need to please others. And looking back, it makes sense.  I grew up in a very tight knit supportive family with high expectations.  My parents were anybody’s ideal role models, and they instilled morals, religion, and ambition into our household.  My brother was your typical free spirit, but he always broke character to make sure I felt protected and safe.  We attended a very small private school in California from kindergarten through my senior year, and I was involved in everything. And I mean everything. I was the class president for six years (seriously, for six…who does that?), played sports, sang in the choir, and was voted most school spirited. Yep, I was your classic overachiever. And with this environment, how could I not want to please those around me? I just wanted to make everyone proud.

This all changed once I attended college. During my sophomore year at Pepperdine University, I traveled abroad to Germany and grew into myself. I was away from my family, my friends, and my life. I had to figure out what I wanted and what I valued all on my own. There was no one to please. I created my own sense of self, and returned to the states with a different perspective on relationships, success, culture, and happiness. Of course, I still loved all of my friends and family, but I no longer felt this intense need to please them. Being myself pleased them just fine. I knew I absolutely had to find a career that helped others achieve this level of clarity and self-insight without the cost of traveling abroad. Did it exist? You bet.

Since this experience, I have moved to Texas, received a Master’s in Counseling, moved back to California, and worked with clients ranging from small children to suffering addicts. Naturally, I love working with girls, because I feel that we are the most susceptible to the people-pleasing plague.  I believe that girls have the capacity for growth by improved self-awareness, relational insight, and goal setting. Coaching is an opportunity for Blush girls to work on specific issues, and as your coach, I promise to build a relationship with you and understand any struggles or concerns you are going through. My style is to motivate, encourage, and understand. Of course, my ultimate goal is to help girls find the insight they need in order to lead a more fulfilling life. I am still reaching this goal today, and it is a never-ending journey. However, all one needs is a jumpstart, or as I call it, Germany! I would love to be that person for you.

If you want to get started on life coaching, or just talk about Harry Potter spells (kidding), join today and let’s schedule a session!