Brittaney Young

Brittaney Young

Name Brittaney Young  .  Home State Florida .  College University of South Florida (Tampa) .  Major Psychology .  Graduate School University of Florida .  Degree M. Ed, S., School Counseling & Mental Health



My name is Brittaney (Britt to family and friends) and I’m 28 years young from the southern most point, and yet the least “southern” considered place: Florida. I come from a military background, but never got to experience the traveling piece, pooh! I’m the baby girl of the family, and have def enjoyed its benefits, but there were some challenges along the way, too.

Growing up, I was introspective, quiet, and intuitive; I was also very sensitive, shy, and insecure. I doubted myself A LOT, and while it was probably hard for others to tell based on my effort, I was a closeted perfectionist. I was constantly comparing myself to others, assessing what I didn’t do well enough, and assuming I just wouldn’t be good enough. If I wasn’t sure I would succeed and succeed WELL, I wouldn’t bother.

Luckily I found myself through spending lots of time encouraging and supporting others on their journeys. I also did lots of volunteering by way of mentoring, tutoring, anything involving kids and teens, and I even had the wonderful opportunity to be a Resident Assistant! After my experiences, I decided to be a bona fide counselor *happy sigh*. And I am so glad I did, because it not only strengthened my skills, it also challenged me personally and spiritually.

After a lot of hard work, I ended up earning my Masters in Counseling, got nationally certified, and am a Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher. I’ve worked in schools and in homes, utilizing solution focused therapy as well as metaphysical techniques depending on the client’s needs.

My biggest personal take away from my program, professional, and life experiences has been the loving reminder to be authentic. To remember that none of us were created to be a carbon copy; but originals. To embrace the things I love about myself, and to be open to embracing those things that don’t seem quite lovable just yet. Who we are and what we bring to this life (and even this world), is the answer to someone else’s prayers! It seems no matter the age group I find myself working with, in a culture where we’re constantly being told how to, when to, where to, and why to, we as women sometimes end up doing so much DOING, that we often forget to just simply BE.

So girlie, whoever you are and wherever you are, if you can relate, please know that it would be my honor and pleasure to take this journey with you as you become or continue to Be…True…to YOU!