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Here is our little story….


Originally founded in Austin, Texas in 2013, Blush’s mission is to provide affordable, convenient, and professional online life coaching for any girl anywhere. We strive to break down the barriers of counseling by providing a progressive online platform for the approachable service of life coaching. Blush is an energetic, sassy and occasionally funny environment for girls to better themselves.  We are all about de-stressing, moving forward, and mastering true self confidence. Our all-female team led by Kali Rogers is dedicated to encouraging, motivating, and challenging girls from all over the globe.

In August of 2014, Blush relocated to Los Angeles, California in order to further tap into the progressive mental health culture, and of course, to frolic on the beach from time to time.  Blush coaches continue to provide high level life coaching from several different states to meet our clients’ needs. No matter where you are located, we’re here to listen.

Blush loves working with girls in their teens, twenties, and thirties. You must be 13 years old to use our services, but you are never too old for Blush. We’ve got your back, girl.


A Note from our Founder…




Hey girls! SO happy you’re here. And that you’re reading this. I like you already.

Anyway, I’m here to introduce you to a little booger called the Quarter Life Crisis. It’s real. It’s nasty. And it happened to me (and maybe you, too). After one of the most epic breakups of all time (I ugly cried for weeks) and a very hazy idea of what I wanted to do, I felt utterly lost for the better part of two years in my early 20’s. Graduate school was expensive, bartending did not lend itself to a fruitful social life, and living at home didn’t do wonders for my over all optimism. Why did I feel like a child when I was supposed to be an adult?

Turns out, it’s because I didn’t have any direction. Or much confidence, for that matter. And once I figured that out, it was game over. Bye Quarter Life Crisis! Bye Felicia!

Of course, my neglected self esteem didn’t just reinstate itself over night, and it wasn’t just me who did the work. Good friends, good counselors, good professors, and good parents made my journey a lot easier. And that’s what I want to do for you.

I created Blush, because Blush was exactly what I needed when I was going through my toughest times. I needed a cheerleader. A big sister. A counselor. A motivator. An accountability partner. I needed a coach. And that’s exactly what my wonderful team of women are here to do for you. I’m so happy you’re here, and I can’t wait for you to experience the transformation I know you’re capable of!

Like I always say…

Life can be mean. Let’s talk behind its back.


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Welcome to Blush.